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Bar Bending Cutting Machine

Our company, Reva Engineering Enterprises fabricates bar bending & cutting machine to meet the demand of construction industry. Designed for working efficiently on the building site, this compact, completely functional and high performance machine integrates bending and cutting functions. The bars are mainly required in the construction of roads, bridges and building structures. By employing this machine with a rotary table and cutter head, customers in construction and steel processing industries can save time and labor cost. The operators can be assured of the reliability of this machine with mechanical transmission. It is possible for the operators to preset the bending angles. Based on the angle preferably between 0-180 degree, round & square steel bars, deformed steel bars can be bent. This machine has adjustable bending speed, specific working disk diameter and can bend & cut bar of specific diameter. Within a few seconds, this machine can cut the steel bar.

Different weight available :
  • 400 kg
  • 450 kg
  • 500 kg
Bar Bending Cutting Machine :
  • Convenient handing and excellent results
  • Safe operations
  • Automatic emergency returns in case of misuse
  • Hard alloy steel machine parts
  • Gears on bearings
  • Emergency stop buttons
  • With pedal, the bending disc and the shear arm can be simultaneously operated
  • The sheers continuously run in spite of the pins removal from the bending disc
  • Bending and main friction points of the shear are continuously lubricated
  • Can perform operations, like cutting, bending, making stirrups, spirals, and more