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Vacuum Dewatering System

Vacuum Dewatering System, tells a lot about its functioning and applications from its name itself. It is applied for reducing excessive water content from the green concrete mixture, just after the mixture is placed over. This vacuum processing modifies the strength of the concrete along with several other properties, such as durability, by the drastic reduction in water-cement ratio. By utilizing the atmospheric pressure, offered system compresses the mixture of concrete and by the process of dewatering, it squeezed out the excessive water from the mixture. Highly efficient Vacuum Dewatering System merges the concrete (placed in concrete form) with immersion vibrators. For the construction of highly durable and denser concrete flooring, offered system is used. Along with enhancing the compressive strength of the concrete flooring, it also improves its wear resistance. These flooring are known for having comparatively lower permeability. On a transportation trolley, the vacuum pump of this dewatering system is mounted on, which is powered by 7.5 HP Electric Motor.

Features of Vacuum Dewatering System

  • This give rise to skid resistance surfaces of concrete flooring
  • This heavy duty machine offers a firm surface to smoothly walk on
  • It effectively removes high spots or irregularities produced during the processing
  • Offered system minimizes the loss of cement

Technical Data:

Vacuum Pump Mounted on transportation trolley. Powered by 7.5 HP Electric Motor. An area of 35 sqm. can be de watered one single operation.





Powered by

Vacuum Pump Capacity

165 kg

1230 mm

800 mm

700 mm

7.5 HP Electric Motor

1850 Ltrs/min. at 70% vacuum


The method of concrete dewatering by vacuum process is beneficial during concrete floor construction. Just when concrete is placed on the floor, excessive water is removed until an optimum water and cement ratio is achieved. This ratio automatically improves all properties of concrete. Construction companies in order to attain quality concrete floor must use vacuum dewatering system. The process increases compressive strength of the floor, as well as improve its wear resistance. The resultant concrete surface is durable, denser and has low permeability.