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Vibratory Plate Compactor

In the wide range of compaction capacities, several compaction plate sizes with different gradient capacities and travel speeds offered Vibratory Plate Compactor can be availed by our esteemed customers. This plays an important role in construction of roads, as it is specifically designed for effectively compacting different materials, such as soil and asphalt. As per the name of the Offered device, it is capable of reducing all air voids in materials with the help of the vibrations. It can easily compact the granular soil, on the account of vibration and weight applied on the subjected material. This Vibratory Plate Compactor generates horizontal force during operations. This small in size equipment is efficient, when it comes to covering all the confined areas, where compaction of material is needed. This sturdily constructed compactor device can be easily installed and operated.

Features of Vibratory Plate Compactor

  • It is an engine powered device
  • It is known for its high travel speed
  • Its ideal for small projects
  • Vibratory Plate Compactor
  • It has longer shelve live.

Technical Specifications :

Model No.

RVC -150





Compaction Capacity

1-2 Tones

3-4 Tones

6-8 Tones

8-10 Tones

8-10 Tones

Compaction Plate Size

22.5" x 15.5" 550 x 390 mm

2.2"x1.4" 660x410 mm

2'.8"x1.8"/ 800x500 mm

3.2"x2'.2"/ 965x650 mm

2'.8"x1'.8"/800x500 mm

Travel speed (ft./min)

50 ft.

66 ft.

68 ft.

55 ft.

40 ft.

Gradient capacity

20 %

2 %

20 %

20 %

25 %

Direction of travel






Depth effect (Depends on type of soil )

6 inch

10 inch

16 inch

20 inch

20 inch

Net weight (approx.)

110 kg.

200 kg.

350 kg.

650 kg.

350 kg.

Vibration frequency (approx.)

3000 V.P.M

3000 V.P.M

3000 V.P.M

3000 V.P.M

3000 V.P.M

Power units

2 H.P Petrol / Kerosene or Electric Motor

3 H.P Petrol Engine or Greaves Diesel Engine or Electric Motor

4.8 H.P Greaves Diesel Engine or 5. H.P Electric Motor or Greaves Model 1510, 9 H.P Diesel Engine